Moria Or, Singing Teacher

Vocal Instructor, Singer & Songwriter


Studied at Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary Music (the academic collaborator with “Berklee” school in Boston).

Certified instructor and well experienced in the SLS technique (IVA).

Attended the Musicology faculty at the University's Music Academy.


The official representative of the 'Institute For Vocal Advancement' in Israel.

Owns a vast vocal instructing experience with singers of all ages and levels.

Certified and expertising in working with speaking voices, and Instructing public speakers.


Sessions are personally tailored, and suitable for all ages and levels.


The studio offers a variety of activities, such as private lessons, group lessons, singing workshops, speaking voice workshops, public speaking workshops, lectures, auditions perperation sessions, private instructing while recording at the studio, songwriting sessions and workshops, etc...


Moria's first album was under the production of Luis Lahav, one of Israel's most seasoned producers,

with a resume including Bruce Springsteen.

The album, “An Unfinished Story”, was released in July 2012, and received audience, radio and critical acclaim.

The songs became “favourites” in many of major radio stations in Israel, and led to a great media interest,

including TV, radio and newspaper appearances.

The album was accompanied by a special video project, alongside with the director Noam Vardi.

Using a Phantom Flex camera which films at 5000 frames per second, creating artistic super slow-motion music videos

for almost each of the album's songs.


In October 2012, a collaboration with producar Jonathan Maimon, (London), That is how "MARBL" came to life -

created from a 2,000 miles distance. Nowdays MARBL is performing and promoting both in

Israel and the UK.