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,Hi there

I'm Moria Or.

Music is my biggest passion,

I'm a singer-songwriter & pianist, and love sharing everything I know - with whomever wants to know it.

דף הבית: About Us

Earn the whole songwriting toolbox for writing words and melodies.
For both beginners and advanced.

Assessing your own individual voice tendency and adjusting a personal voice training plan just for you.

Learn how to use vocal technique to improve your performances and find your own unique sound.

The complete and comprehensive songwriting course. Everything you need in order to become a proffessional songwriter.

Learn how to write songs, in a small & intimate group. (in-person and online).

Learn how to play all the songs you want, through a simple, approachable and fast method.

Learn whatever you want, wherever want, and whenever you want.

A virtual school on your personal screen.

Setting a strategy & creating a business plan tailored made for you and your project needs.

Lectures & Workshops

For your Business, institute, convention etc...

Small and large groups.

Proper and healthy speech guidance for treating and preventing voice injuries.

דף הבית: Classes

My Music

My indie folk band.

We have released 3 albums, currently performing in Israel and touring abroad..


דף הבית: About
דף הבית: Contact


Tel - 072-3340686

Thanks! we will speak soon

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