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Speech Art Academy

Proper and healthy speech guidance for the treatment and prevention of voice injuries.

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The voice professionals are those who are committed to the daily use of their voice in order to do their job.

This category encompasses actors, singers, dubbers, teachers, lecturers, coaches, instructors, salespeople, lawyers, and more, who use their voice for extended periods of time during the day, which can create massive tension, vocal fatigue and hoarseness.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take precautions and keep your voice healthy.


Although our voice is flexible and durable, there is still a high probability of the appearance of voice injuries, in the short and long term.

If your work requires using your voice,  you must maintain its health and well being as well as preventing sound damage.

And nice one hour earlier, avoid them in advance.

Ensuring sound health and hygiene will allow sound to be maintained in optimal conditions and prevent sound injuries.

Voice health, among other things, is a reflection of the immune system and general health, which is easily impaired by unbalanced sleep habits, unbalanced nutrition and lack of exercise.

It is also affected by other factors such as hydration, mental state, and more.

Just as athletes warm up their muscles before a sport activity, so should we - voice users need warm-ups. Their goal is to stretch the vocal cords, and make the muscles and organs involved move easily and reduce tension.

Vocal warm-ups and vocal technique practice, create muscue-memory in the articulatory system, release tension, maintaine proper posture, regulate the breathing process, smoothen transitions between vocal ranges and maintain comfortable and healthy voice.

For maximum results, consider a certified voice instructor to adjust a personalized training for you.

The Speech Art Academy offers lectures and workshops, detailed explanations, important tips, shattering myths, sample exercises and more...

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