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"The songs are there. If I will not take them, someone else will".

(Bob Dylan)

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10 sessions

Planning to release a new single? Or maybe an album?

The expenses are overflowing, and you lack a structured, elaborated and managable financial plan?

You've finished recording, and need to know what to do next?

Wanna have a better understanding of the music business?

I offer personal consulting sessions in each phase of your project.

Whether it is one time session, a series of meetings, or accompanying your project.

Your journey, is also my adventure. 

Get your music released with the least number of mistakes on the way, expand your music business understanding, get all the needed and important tips, and make your choices out of thorough knowledge. 

Allow yourself to to give your music the best chance you can, it deseves it.

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For more details and registration

Tel - 072-3340686

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