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Nice to meet you

I'm Moria Or.

Music is my biggest passion..

I'm a singer-songwriter, a pianist, and like to share everything I know - with whomever wants to know.

I have been living and studying music since the age of 4, when I started playing the piano. Not long after, I started singing and writing songs. After graduating from highschool, I studied in Rimon College of Music (the Israeli collaborator with Berklee Collage of Music, Boston, after which I studied Musicology at Bar Ilan University .

My appetite to deepen and expand my musical knowledge led me to the Institute For Vocal Advancement, where I completed my certification as a voice instructor. After which I joined as an organization member, when in recent years I've been serving as its official representative in Israel. I teach singers and actors, professional speakers, beginners and advanced.

I hold a Master's degree in music (MMus) specializing in songwriting (UK), that led me to explore the fascinating world of songwriting even more, that led me to right the book which the full songwriting course is based on.

I teach in my studio in Tel Aviv, also offering online lessons.

My studio offers singing and voice lessons, piano lessons, songwriting one-on-one or group sessions, music theory classes, audition preparations, and in-studio songs recording & editing services.


I am a Lecturer for songwriting in the Rimon College of Music.

The full songwriting course is also available privately, in small and intimate groups. 

For more details click here.

And last but not least, MARBL - My indie folk band, I'm the singer-songwriter & keyboardist. We have released 3 albums and we have been touring in Israel and abroad.

MARBL's Music 

MARBL's Videos

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